. . . . We rock BioTrackTHC software and love it! Bud tenders think it's super user friendly. Thanks for helping us take care of our customers!  
3D Cannabis Center, Denver, CO
I just wanted to write to tell the owners of BiotrackTHC, that TJ your tech guy is the MOST AWESOMEST (it is a word) Tech guy EVER!! Rating 1-10, 10 being the best, TJ is rated at 14. He has gone...
Altitude Organic Medicine
Colorado Springs, CO
I have an computer background and researched several different applications/vendors before going with Bio-Tech Medical. Ours is a new industry complete with many changing rules and regulations. Bio-...
North Boulder Wellness Center
just want to tell your company and anyone interested in using your point of sale that it is absolutely fantastic! We used Old Man Software and it was awful to use every day. It was slow and...
To all potential clients… Our company Greenwerkz has been using BioTrack for roughly the past year and a half, and I have to say it’s made our lives easier all around, from the grow to retail to...
Todd Carstens
Chief Operations Officer Greenwerkz, Denver CO


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