How It Works

BioTrackTHC is the only TRULY complete seed-to-sale medical marijuana POS system on the market today!

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With our medical marijuana POS system and dispensary software, every plant in a grow house is given a barcode. This barcode allows the grower to track every strain and know exactly how much is in inventory by growth phase. Every grow room also has a barcode. To move a plant in the grow, a grower simply has to scan the barcode on a plant, and scan the barcode outside of a grow room and the medical marijuana POS system automatically moves the plant to the correct room. Every room is also associated with a growth phase, so the system knows which rooms are for vegetation, which are for flowering, etc. With this data, your medical marijuana POS system can begin learning from YOUR growing habits and help you optimize your business. For example, now you'll be able to determine which mother plants produce the healthiest clones. Or you could quickly learn which strains have the best production output. The possibilities for maximizing your grow operation are endless!


With this in mind, we also give YOU the option to enable a complete PIN or biometric employee chain of custody tracking for your inventory, from seed-to-sale! You'll know every step of the way which of your employees has handled your product. There's no more confusion and no he-said she-said, just accountability and track-ability. This is also beneficial for the built-in employee time clock. Simply enable the pin or biometric feature to ensure employees do not clock each other in and out!

The medical marijuana POS system tracks ALL medical cannabis by-products, as well. Whether it be the stems, leaves, shake or kief, we track it ALL for you! We've created a streamlined approach that allows you to batch these by-products together as you collect them from many different plants and still track the new items back to the plants they are derived from. True seed to sale tracking that will ensure you are fully compliant with state laws.

Ready to transport that inventory from the grow house to your dispensary? Not so fast, both Colorado and Arizona require an accurate manifest log to be created for EVERY transfer and on the transporter at all times. And Colorado requires a copy to be sent to the Department of Revenue every time! Relax, with BioTrackTHC it's just a couple of clicks away. We take the hassle out of staying compliant so you can focus on your core business.


Our medical marijuana POS system was designed to be very user friendly, and will work as well on a touch-screen device as it will on a regular computer! Dispensary owners can quickly see current inventory or sales at a glance. Full patient history is saved, including scanned documents, purchase history, and patient notes. Email and text messaging information can also be collected and quickly deployed by the marketing module. Want to send a birthday discount to all of your patients with a birthday in May? No problem! How about that new shipment of Blueberry that just arrived, why not send a text message out to all of your patients who have purchased Blueberry in the past 30 days!

When a patient arrives, they can check-in to the system simply by scanning their driver's license. That check-in information is then immediately accessible at every station in the dispensary, no more getting up and checking to see if the next patient is ready! Because we designed BioTrackTHC with you, the entrepreneur in mind, features like this can be a huge benefit! Let's say you've got multiple stores, and want to know which store has the shortest wait time? A couple clicks and you're there! Or learn that your average patient wait time is 25 minutes on a Sunday but only 7 minutes on a Monday? With BioTrackTHC, you can quickly optimize expensive employee resources!


BioTrackTHC COMPLETELY eliminates the need for your sales people to ever pick up a calculator again! With our simple to use interface, the sales person simply weighs the product. Our system has the ability for the sales manager to pre-enter customized price points for every strain! Selling an eighth for 60 dollars, but a quarter for 100 dollars? Based on the weight detected, BioTrackTHC knows just how much to charge the customer! You can also do splitting, as well. Based on the combined weight of four or five (or more!) different strains, BioTrackTHC knows just how much to charge. Weigh heavy? Not a problem either, click a single box and BioTrackTHC will knock the price down to the closest price point, but keeps PERFECT track for inventory purposes.

Multiple locations, customized loyalty programs, employee time clock? Yes, yes and yes! Integration with ANY barcode, label or receipt printer? You better believe it!

...And all of this is just the tip of the iceberg! There is so much more to BioTrackTHC that it would take many more pages to even scratch the surface! The bottom line is we designed BioTrackTHC to be as easy as possible, maximize your efficiency, and ultimately, your revenue! Please check out our demo and we think you'll agree, there's nothing else like it on the market today!

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